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Exterior French Drains

Exterior French Drains: Solutions for Pittsburgh Basements

Wet basement?

Soggy yard?

If your basement floods regularly or you have heavy water runoff puddling in your yard, it could be due to poor soil drainage. Sounds like it’s time to install a French drain.

What is a French drain?
French drains are trenches filled with a perforated pipe and gravel. They’re crafted to redirect surface water away from the affected area or relieve water pressure behind a retaining wall.

Where are Exterior French Drains dug?

What is a sump pump?
French drains rely on gravity to work. If you don’t live on a slope or near a hillside, you may need a sump pump installed to help pump water from the French drain to a storm sewer or dry well.

Who installs a French drain?
The Pittsburgh Drain Guys, of course! We are experts in residential and commercial French drain installation and we can solve your runoff issues.

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And by the way…
French drains aren’t French after all. It’s an American invention named after Concord, Massachusetts inventor Henry Flagg French who developed the drainage solution in 1859.

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Exterior French Drains

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Interior French Drains

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