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House Trap Replacement

House Trap Replacement: Solutions to an Unsanitary Situation

A house trap is essential to allowing waste to pass through your indoor plumbing to the public sewer outside. Many older homes have deteriorating house traps that are easily clogged and hard to clean. If your main house trap is clogged, you’re at risk of having waste back up into your basement causing damage to material items like carpeting, couches, and electronics while also posing a health hazard for your family. While sewer line repairs may seem costly, the cost of calling a plumber to snake your main house trap, along with having to clean up raw sewage and damaged items, really outweigh the initial cost of house trap replacement.

If you:

…you may have a blocked or failing house trap!

Many homes in Pittsburgh and its surrounding neighborhoods are older; with older homes come aging plumbing and other utilities. If you think there is something going on with your house trap, don’t wait to call someone. Call Pittsburgh Drain Guys for a FREE ESTIMATE today!

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