Let’s face it: winter in Western PA is cold! We have or fair share of wet weather in the winter months (some would say that we have MORE THAN our fair share!) and because of all that wet weather, we must be sure our home and property are built to work in the environment. French drains in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area must be built to deal with the moisture we deal with throughout the year, but are French drains able to deal with cold weather, the frigid cold weather we have here in Western PA? Let’s take a look.

French Drains Work in Wet Environments French Drain Pittsburgh

French drains are very effective at moving water in low-lying areas, places prone to floods. These would be environments that have heavy rains or have the potential for flooding. French Drain Installation in Pittsburgh will keep the groundwater from entering your premises and flooding your property. They also work well near lakes, streams, and other bodies of water that may cause problems.


Cold Climates and French Drains Pittsburgh 

A French drain will work fine in a cold environment. The French drain must be placed below the frost line for it to work properly in these bitter cold environments. This is critical for the drain to work all year round, without obstructions such as freezing. During the thawing season, the French drain in Pittsburgh can freeze as well. Installing the drain below the frost line is the key to success in our environment.


Contact thePittsburgh Drain Guys for French drain installation in Pittsburgh and have your drain installed below the frost line to keep it running smoothly all year long. A French drain is a must have in a wet environment such as ours, to protect your investment, and offer you piece of mind for years to come!