Waterproofing Pittsburgh

Help! My Basement Floods When It Rains.

Tips from Pittsburgh’s basement waterproofing experts. Despite what many believe, basement flooding isn’t always caused by a catastrophic event. Some basements flood slowly and over a long period of time. While it is true a sudden rush of water – barreling in all at once – can create a flooded basement, your home can also […]

Damp Basement Pittsburgh

How a Damp Basement Affects Your Home 

Ahhhh, the smells of Autumn: pumpkin spice, apple cider, falling leaves, and a musty basement? Wait – that’s not right! If you noticed a musty smell coming from your downstairs, you probably have dampness in your basement. And unlike a flooded basement, where water rushes in quickly, mustiness is a sign that moisture, water or […]

Basement Leaks Pittsburgh


Wet basements are a common problem for homeowners and can lead to big problems down the road. Do you know that warning signs for water in your basement are not always as obvious as a puddle of water in the middle of your basement floor? Here are a few warning signs that point to a […]

Drain Camera Inspection Pittsburgh

How Do Sewer Line Cameras Work?

The Convenience of Technology Interior sewage pipe issues such as cracks and blockages can cause a tremendous amount of costly damage if they aren’t diagnosed and dealt with properly. Determining the issues that are causing your sewage line problems is not easily done without the help of a sewer line camera. These devices help plumbing […]

French Drain Installers Pittsburgh

Why You Need French Drain Installation

A French drain is one of the most important parts of your landscape to help prevent standing water and water damage to your carefully manicured lawn. The Pittsburgh Drain Guys, the French drain installation guys from Pittsburgh, want you to know that installing a French drain is a special skill that takes many people to […]

Gutters and Drainage

A Guide to Gutters and Downspouts

In Pittsburgh, there are no easy answers to the amount of precipitation that we get in an average year, the potential damage from all the rushing water can have on your property. The Pittsburgh Drain guys know a thing or tow about the proper installation of gutters and downspouts, and we are here to share […]

French Drains Pittsburgh


Better yard drainage in a wet spring can be an issue in our region of the country. But how do you achieve better yard drainage? The Pittsburgh Drain Guys are here to help you with your drainage solutions in Pittsburgh. Is your yard showing signs of low areas and holding onto moisture, creating muddy spots? […]

Drainage Solutions near me

Prevent Flooding and Prepare Your Yard for Spring

Ahh, spring, the time of new beginnings! It is just around the corner and that means time to get working on your yard in preparation for planting and the beauty of summer. Spring brings us the perfect conditions for flooding for many homeowners as the ground thaws, the snow melts, and it seems to be […]

Leaky Basement Pittsburgh

Reasons For a Leaky Basement in the Winter

A wet, leaky basement is a nuisance, taking you away from valuable time at home with your family: mopping and cleaning up a huge mess! Many of us think wet basements tend to happen during the warmer months of the year when, truthfully, winter time is prime time for a wet and very cold basement.

Dye Test Pittsburgh

How to Fix a Failed Dye Test

What is a Dye Test? A dye test is conducted by a licensed plumber prior to the sale of a residential or commercial property to check to see that the plumbing of the property is connected to sewer lines and not properly hooked up to downspouts that carry storm or surface water out of the […]