Why You Need French Drain Installation

A French drain is one of the most important parts of your landscape to help prevent standing water and water damage to your carefully manicured lawn. The Pittsburgh Drain Guys, the French drain installation guys from Pittsburgh, want you to know that installing a French drain is a special skill that takes many people to complete, and we only want our customers to be safe and happy.  This type of specialty installation is best left to the professionals. Because of all of this, we want you to understand why.

WHAT IS A FRENCH DRAIN?French Drain Installers Pittsburgh

A French drain is a perforated pipe buried underground, covered by different arrogates of gravel, which essentially directs water away from areas of your yard. The drain is placed in areas where water collects, to prevent water from flowing into your foundation, and also helps to prevent excessive pressure on your foundation. These drains are useful in regions such as the greater Pittsburgh area, where we receive a lot of moisture over the winter that becomes flowing water in the spring and creates many areas of sitting ground water. The Pittsburgh Drain Guys install Pittsburgh French drains efficiently and professionally!


French drains require professional installation for a number of reasons. The biggest and most dangerous reason is that the drain most likely will require excavation. Deep drains especially require dangerous equipment that only professionals should operate. The slope of the ground and the installation of the drain come into play when digging the trench. These elements, plus the flow of the water and the location of the building, all need to be looked at when building a French drain. A contractor that is licensed and experienced is the best person to handle this job. The correct type of gravel or stone needs to be determined; not just any will do. When deciding on the stone that is placed on the pipe, the contractor understands that the stone acts like a sieve and will decide, because of the flow of the water, which arrogate is the best. Lastly, the pipe itself: the type of material and the diameter of the pipe will help to determine the longevity of your French drain system

Leave these details to the professional French drain installers of Pittsburgh, The Pittsburgh Drain Guys.