French Drain

When Should You Use a French Drain?

If you’ve noticed that your yard is soggy or your basement is wet, then it may be time for a French drain to resolve these issues. At Pittsburgh Drain Guys, we’ve put together a guide on how they work, when you need to use them, and the different types of French drains that are available. […]

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Why You Need French Drain Installation

A French drain is one of the most important parts of your landscape to help prevent standing water and water damage to your carefully manicured lawn. The Pittsburgh Drain Guys, the French drain installation guys from Pittsburgh, want you to know that installing a French drain is a special skill that takes many people to […]

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Let’s face it: winter in Western PA is cold! We have or fair share of wet weather in the winter months (some would say that we have MORE THAN our fair share!) and because of all that wet weather, we must be sure our home and property are built to work in the environment. French […]

French Drain Installation Cost

How Much is French Drain Installation?

A French drain is an effective solution to water problems in your home or yard. A French drain is installed beneath the surface of your yard or house, to help direct water away from your home’s foundation or other structures on your property. If you have issues with water in your basement after it rains […]

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Do I Need a French Drain?

How do I know if I need a French drain installed in my yard? It’s a scenario that most homeowners in Pittsburgh have faced at least once. You walk down the stairs to your basement during a heavy rainstorm and notice that water is slowly seeping in through the cracks of your foundation.