Wet basements are a common problem for homeowners and can lead to big problems down the road. Do you know that warning signs for water in your basement are not always as obvious as a puddle of water in the middle of your basement floor? Here are a few warning signs that point to a wet basement:
Basement Leaks Pittsburgh

    • Water trickling out of walls
    • A saturated base of concrete walls (a ring of dampness)
    • Condensation on walls and floors
    • Stained or blistering walls or floors
    • Humid air
    • Standing water on the floor
    • Deteriorating carpet and wood
    • Rotting columns, headers, and joists
  • Odor of Mold or Mildew

The Pittsburgh Drain Guys offers drainage solutions for Pittsburgh homeowners to help with the water in your basement. What are some common reasons that water and moisture may get in your basement and how can it be eliminated?


Always check the interior of your home for leaks. Check for old pipes, the shower, your washing machine, the dishwasher, the toilet, sinks: is there a leak due to any of these indoor plumbing apparatus? Find where the leak is occurring and determine if it is coming from the toilet located directly above. If this leak can be repaired, you will no longer have an issue.


The grade of the yard that slopes toward the house must not go toward the foundation of the house or you are bound to have rainwater seep into the basement. The grade of the slope should be down and away from the house. If there are any cracks at all in the foundation, than there will be moisture going into the basement.

If spouts and gutters are not properly installed, then the water that they is supposed to be directed away from the house will pour down into the dirt around your foundation and then, eventually, into your basement.

Both of these are easy fixes from the Pittsburgh Drainage Guys. They have the drainage solutions you need in the Pittsburgh area.


No matter how the cracks began or how big or small they are, water will find the cracks and work its way down into the basement. Cracks can be made larger from the pressure of the water, so fixing these cracks is an important step in maintaining a dry basement. Depending on how the cracks were created will decide the decision on how to fix them. The Pittsburgh Drain Guys can work on waterproofing your basement in the Pittsburgh area!

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