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Downspout Drainage

At Pittsburgh Drain Guys, we have seen how blocked gutters and poorly placed downspouts can cause major damage to homes in the Pittsburgh area. Downspout extensions are a preventative measure to help carry water a safe distance from your home and avoid a concentration of water around your foundation.

Without proper guttering and downspout extensions, heavy rainfall can cause significant damage to your home.

Importance of Downspout Locations

When there is heavy rainfall in Pittsburgh, your gutter works like a funnel to collect the water from your roof and channel it into your downspouts. If your downspouts are not located far enough away from your home, it can cause large pools of water to form around your foundation.

This can put pressure on your foundation, creating cracks, soften the soil around the foundation, causing it to settle, and can also cause mold to form, which can shift and decay your foundation. This is why at Pittsburgh Drain Guys, we work to properly place your downspouts to ensure they are moving the water away from your home to a safe distance to prevent damage to your home.

Downspout Extension Installation

If your downspout is too close to your home’s foundation, we can install extensions to your existing downspout and route them away from your home. We recommend that your downspouts drain at least 10 feet from your foundation.

Once we place your downspout extensions, we can bury them 5-6 inches below the surface of your yard. Depending on how your property is graded, you may require more than 10 feet of downspout extensions. Twenty feet is best if your property can accommodate it.

We can also install downspout diverters that allow you to divert water to a rain barrel. A downspout diverter is inserted into your downspout and will allow water to travel straight to the drainpipes or directed to a drain hose that leads into one or more rain barrels.

In Need of Downspout Extensions?

If you’re dealing with a cracked foundation, water pooling, and other drainage issues, look no further! The team at Pittsburgh Drain Guys has the tools and the experience to assess your drainage issues and provide you with expert solutions to resolve them. Contact us today to learn more about our downspout extension services.

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