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FAQ’s & Clean Up

The Pittsburgh Drain Guys understand the process of leveling and grading a yard, repairing a home’s foundation or digging up a basement can be unsettling to any property owner. That’s why we use only the best equipment and practice the most non-evasive excavation techniques, trying our best to keep our work area contained. Some frequently asked questions include:

Does every job require an excavator?
While excavators are necessary for larger jobs, more often than not we will can use smaller machines, like a digger, to complete a project. We promise to only bring in larger machines if absolutely necessary.

Will I need a building permit?
Some municipalities require a building permit when making changes to permanent structures. We will work with your local ordinance to obtain any permits required to correct your drainage issue.

How long will my yard look like this?
Not all drainage issues are created equal. Some jobs are small and others are more complex than others. Upon our FREE diagnosis, we’ll have a better idea of how extensive (or not!) your draining issue is. For jobs taking several days, rest assured we will create a safe environment for your family or tenants at the end of the day.


Re-landscaping Your Yard.
The Pittsburgh Drain Guys are craftsman landscapers and concrete professionals. We’ll keep the damage to your yard to a minimum and while grass regrowth may take a few days and excavated earth may take several weeks to settle, overtime your yard will go back to normal.

We will install or rebuild:

If you’re interested in updating your landscaping, we can suggest trees and shrubs that are water-lovers, adding an additional layer of drainage protection.

Refinishing the Interior

Sometimes interior plumbing issues require cutting into your walls or digging up your basement floor. Trust our drywall and concrete professionals to reconstruct

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