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McCandless Drain Services

It’s common to have water issues in your McCandless home. At Pittsburgh Drain Guys, we specialize in waterproofing and drainage solutions to help manage the water issues in your home and to protect the structural integrity of your home.

Drain for waterproofing houseDownspout Drainage for McCandless Homeowners

Blocked gutter and poorly placed downspouts can cause severe damage to your McCandless home. Our expert team specializes in downspout drainage solutions to help remedy these issues.

If your downspout is too close to the foundation of your home, we can install a downspout extension that will direct the water away from the foundation and to the proper drainage site. It is recommended that you have your downspouts drain at least 10 feet from the home’s foundation.

After we place the downspout extension, we will bury it 5-6 inches below the surface of your yard. We will evaluate your yard and make recommendations for more than 10 feet of downspout extensions, depending on the grade of your property. Typically, we recommend that you install at least 20 feet of downspout extensions if your property can accommodate it.

Waterproofing Services in McCandless

At Pittsburgh Drain Guys, our waterproofing services include interior, basements, and foundation waterproofing for McCandless homes. Our waterproofing services will help:

Signs that you may require waterproofing services include:

Waterproofing Pittsburgh

Interior waterproofing can help resolve these issues. For our interior waterproofing services, we will install an interior french drain. This drain will collect the water, and a sump pump will be used to carry the water away from the foundation.

Additionally, we provide basement waterproofing services that include waterproofing the basement walls and floors to prevent mold growth, keep your valuables safe from damage, and protect the structural integrity of your home.

We also provide foundation waterproofing services where we install an exterior french drain. With this type of drain, we can alleviate the pressure that water runoff places on your foundation, which can cause damage to the structure of the home. The exterior french drain works by collecting the water and directing it away from the foundation.

Exterior French Drain Installation in McCandless

Outdoor Drainage

When we install your exterior french drain, we will place a perforated pipe into a gravel-filled trench. This pipe will work to alleviate water pressure on your home’s foundation and direct it away from your home.


We can install exterior french drains around the perimeter of the home or behind retaining walls to help them remain structurally sound. McCandless homeowners who live on a slope of a hill will have an exterior french drain that works using gravity, so you won’t require a sump pump.

If you have a basement that is constantly flooding or have noticed water pooling in your yard, you likely have poor soil drainage and require an exterior french drain installation.

McCandless homeowners can count on Pittsburgh Drain Guys for all of their waterproofing and french drain installation needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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