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Upper St. Clair Drainage Solutions

Pittsburgh Drain Guys offer the expert solutions you need to protect your Upper St. Clair home from water issues. Specializing in waterproofing and drainage systems, they provide effective measures that help ensure a stable foundation for years to come!

Downspout Drainage for Upper St. Clair Homeowners

At Pittsburgh Drain Guys, we understand the potential devastation blocked gutters and downspouts can cause to your home – that’s why we specialize in providing reliable drainage solutions that help keep water away from your foundation!

We take pride in installing customized extensions for each unique situation so you don’t have to worry about inadequate or improperly placed downspouts- our goal is directing runoff at least 10 feet from any structure on your property.

We’ll ensure your downspout extensions are buried 5 to 6 inches below the ground, evaluating both grade and area of your property. If there is space available, up to 20 feet can be installed for optimal drainage maintenance – helping maintain a healthy yard!

Waterproofing Services in Upper St. Clair

Water proofing services truckProtect your home and health with Pittsburgh Drain Guys’ comprehensive waterproofing services. Our expertise helps you avoid costly damage from mold growth, mildew, and leaks – keeping interior basements and foundations safe for years to come!

Have you noticed any cracks on your basement walls/floors, water seepage or discoloration? If yes, then it’s high time to consider interior waterproofing solutions. Our team installs an efficient French drain that collects all the extra water and a sump pump that further directs it away from the foundation, ensuring lasting protection against future damage.

Protect your home and its contents from costly water damage with basement waterproofing. This process creates a barrier between the walls and floors of your basement, keeping out moisture that can lead to mold growth, structural deterioration, furniture warping or discoloring – all of which could put extra strain on your wallet!

Protect your foundation from water damage with our proven, reliable waterproofing services for homes in Upper St. Clair! We know how destructive the pressure of water runoff can be on a home’s foundation – that’s why we specially install an exterior french drain to divert the overflowing moisture away and keep your structure safe.

Exterior French Drain Installation in Upper St. Clair

French drains are an efficient way to keep your foundation safe and sound! Installed in a trench, this perforated pipe collects rainwater runoff, effectively leading it away from the home base. Filled with gravel as added support, exterior French drains ensure extra protection against any possible pressure buildup or risk of damage.

Protect your home and retaining walls with a French drain! Exterior drains are placed around the perimeter of any property susceptible to water damage, especially if you live in an area with hilly or sloped terrain. Gravity will naturally draw away excess moisture from this system, but those living on flatter land may need additional help- such as a sump pump for complete coverage.

Does your basement flood, or is there excessive pooling of water in the yard? These are signs that you may need an exterior French drain installed to improve soil drainage. Pittsburgh Drain Guys offer superior waterproofing and installation services tailored specifically for Upper St. Clair residents – contact us today!

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