What Causes Wall Cracks?

Seeing cracks in the walls of your home is concerning and can make you feel like your home is coming apart. Fortunately, there are solutions to wall cracks. Even with solutions, you may be wondering what cause your walls to crack.

As your top waterproofing experts in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Drain Guys has put together a list of factors that can lead to wall cracks.

Leakscracked basement walls

If you have wall cracks in your basement, it is likely that your home has a leak and will require immediate attention. Water damage can cause major structural issues within your home and lead to the formation of black mold and other harmful substances that can threaten your health.

Luckily, Pittsburgh Drain Guys offer various waterproofing solutions to repair your leaks and help keep your home safe and dry.

Lack of Occupancy

If your home was left unoccupied for a long time before moving in, it could lead to wall cracks. While wall cracks can be a concern, they are not a significant issue if caused by a lack of occupancy.

When people inhabit a home, they change the internal climate using air conditioning, heating, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers to keep the home’s temperature and humidity at reasonable levels. Without people inhabiting the house, these factors go unchecked, causing fluctuations that can cause the drywall to crack. In most cases, this type of damage is just cosmetic, but be sure to have your home inspected to make sure there are no significant underlying issues.


Wall cracks can also be formed simply due to your home settling over time. All homes move subtly over time, which can lead to wall cracks in areas throughout the house. The most noticeable areas where wall cracks can be found due to settling is over windows and doors. Wall cracks from settling are not an indication of a more significant structural issue and are completely normal.

Waterproofing and Wall Crack Repair in Pittsburgh

Don’t let leaks destroy the structural integrity of your home. If you suspect a waterproofing failure has caused your wall cracks, contact Pittsburgh Drain Guys today! Our knowledgeable and professional team will repair your wall cracks and expertly waterproof your basement to ensure your home stays leak-free!

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