Basement Flooding

What Causes Basement Flooding?

Nobody wants a wet basement. It can damage your home and belongings, costing you thousands of dollars. Water can damage flooring, priceless family heirlooms, walls, and so much more. If your basement is flooded, we recommend staying out of the basement due to the risk of electrocution. Stay out of your basement until you are […]


Why Are Downspout Extensions Important?

Your rain gutters play a crucial role in protecting your home and the structural integrity of your foundation. Even if you already have rain gutters, you must have downspout extensions for the best results. Downspouts are crucial for preventing water damage in and around your home. To ensure your drainage system works correctly to prevent […]

French Drain

When Should You Use a French Drain?

If you’ve noticed that your yard is soggy or your basement is wet, then it may be time for a French drain to resolve these issues. At Pittsburgh Drain Guys, we’ve put together a guide on how they work, when you need to use them, and the different types of French drains that are available. […]

Home repair financing

Ways to Finance Home Repairs

Being a homeowner can be a great experience, but when it comes to financing home repairs, it’s not all fun and games. In many cases, repair costs pop up unexpectedly and at the worse times, such as an extensive roof repair right when you return from vacation or the air conditioner breaking down in the […]

French Drain Installation Pittsburgh

My Downspouts are Causing Flooding

Your gutters are connected to downspouts which help direct the rainwater from your roof, down the exterior of your home, and to the ground. Our downspouts either drain the water into pipes that then take the water to a sewer system, or they could be disconnected, which is a way to keep water from backing […]

Flooded basemnt

What to Do If My Basement Flooded

One of the things homeowners dread is a flooded basement. Even if you’ve taken the right steps to help prevent basement flooding, it can still happen. When it does, it is important to take certain steps to keep yourself and your family safe while minimizing the damage done to your home.

Drain for waterproofing house

Can I Waterproof My Basement Myself?

While it is always tempting to DIY your home projects, waterproofing is one that is best left to the professionals. Although DIY waterproofing kits are available, attempting this process yourself can lead to damage and costly repairs. There are a variety of reasons that this waterproofing is best left to professionals.