Why is My Basement Leaking?

Seeing a puddle of water in your basement is something no homeowner wants to deal with. If this happens to you, the first thing you’ll probably want to know is where the water came from. When your basement is leaking, it is crucial to figure out where the leak is coming from so you can stop the leak and keep your basement dry.

Common reasons for a basement leak include:

Errors in Basement Construction

In most homes, the basement is mainly composed of concrete. If your concrete is not mixed or poured correctly, it can have lumps that can form cracks. This type of crack will have a honeycomb shape that allows water to get in easily. In most cases, these cracks are easy to detect and repair, but it will require the help of a professional.

Cracks in the Wall

During your time in the basement, you have probably seen small cracks in the floor or walls of your basement. These wall cracks could be a sign of an even bigger structural issue. If you notice cracks, especially those bigger than 1/8 of an inch, be sure to have them inspected by a professional. Although you may be able to fill them in, it might not resolve your water problem.

French Drain Issues

A French drain is used to help direct water away from the foundation of your home using a series of underground pipes. In some cases, French drains can become clogged by sediment, silt, or other debris. This can lead to water overflow or backflow from the pipes into your basement. If the pipes are clogged, they will likely need to be dug up and cleaned out.
If you don’t have a French drain and are experiencing water leaks in your basement, a French drain can be a great solution to alleviate this issue. At Pittsburgh Drain Guys, we offer drainage solutions such as interior/exterior French drains as well as French drain inspection.

Basement Waterproofing Services in Pittsburgh

At Pittsburgh Drain Guys, we can create a customized waterproofing plan for Pittsburgh homeowners suffering from water leaks. We can waterproof your basement floors and wall to protect from mold, water damage, and preserve your foundation. Contact us today to learn more!