French Drains: Pittsburgh’s Solution to a Wet Basement.

French drains are a must-have for many homes in Western Pennsylvania. Due to the lay of the land, many homes are built against hillsides or in valleys and most basements, and in some cases several levels of a home, are built below grade. Even a seemingly level lot may require a French drain if the soil doesn’t drain well. After all, water needs a place to go and if that place is your basement, Mother Nature makes the rules! And while your flat yard seems ideal and may deter you from installing a French drain, significant puddling or a soggy yard is an sure indicator natural drainage isn’t occurring.

This month, The Pittsburgh Drain Guys take a closer look at French drains and why you may need to install one.

What exactly is a French Drain?

Simply put, a French drain is designed to keep outside rainwater from entering the inside of your basement. It’s a slightly sloped trench filled with gravel and a pipe that redirects water away from a building’s foundation.

Depending on your property, the water may be redirected to one of the following,

  • Your street
  • A simple drainage ditch built on another part of your property
  • A rain leader that connects to your downspout system and storm sewer
  • A dry well, or man-made chamber built underground
  • Sump pump, a more sophisticated man-made basin that mechanically pumps water out from the house. These are common in homes that flood easily when it rains or those built near low-lying areas like streams or rivers.

Today’s homes are built with French drains and rubber-coated foundations, but if your existing basement is showing obvious signs of water damage, especially after heavy rain or melting snow, it might be time to contact The Pittsburgh Drain Guys about installing a French drain around your existing foundation.

We are landscaping professionals serving the Greater Pittsburgh area and specialize in French drains, excavation and retaining walls. At the Pittsburgh Drain Guys, you can count on our experience for all of your water drainage needs!  Stop water from penetrating your foundation now – call The Pittsburgh Drain Guys at 412-377-9133 today!

French Drain Installation in Pittsburgh