Does My New Home Need Waterproofing?

When purchasing a new home, it is likely that you will have an extensive to-do list. From hiring a moving company to getting your carpets cleaned and unpacking your belongings, there is a lot to do when moving into a new home.

Something that may slip your mind in all the hustle and bustle of your move is whether your basement needs to be waterproofed. If this is the first home you have lived in that has a basement, or even if you have had a basement before, you may not know the proper way to maintain your basement. Your new house may have a well-maintained basement, but it could also have water issues.

Outdoor DrainageHow Do I Inspect My Home for Water Issues?

Assess Your Basement

Take a walk through your basement and carefully observe the floors, ceilings, and walls. Check for stains, peeling paint, damp areas, or areas with cooler temperatures. You also want to look for space or separation between the walls and the floor or for any animal activity or insects.

By inspecting your basement for these things, it will help you understand if you have any water problems. IF you see leaks, dampness, or pooling water, be sure to contact the experts at Pittsburgh Drain Guys right away so we can assess the damage, fix any issues, and waterproof the basement.

Inspect the Outside of the Home

Walk around the outside of your home, focusing on the area where the ground and your house meet. Check for soggy or boggy areas near the house, pools of groundwater that have accumulated near your home, as well as any holes, chips, breaks, or cracks in the foundation near the ground.

You will want to also check for doors, windows, or air conditioning vents that open into the basement. Be sure to also look for any signs that animals or insects are living in o near your foundation. This inspection will show you if your basement is affected by any threat outside. Rodents, water, and pests can all damage your basement. Water pooling around your home’s foundation typically indicates that you already have issues with your basement, foundation, or walls.

Observe the Outside of the Home After Rain, Ice, or Snow

Water is a major threat to your basement. Lingering dampness, puddling water, and tiny leaks can all cause mold growth, damage and can even compromise the structural integrity of your home. Water is most likely to leak into your basement at times, such as during and after a rain or snowstorm. Observe how your home handles the first storm. Look for puddles around the foundation and ice freezing and collecting on your walls.

You also want to note whether the water is flowing away from your home or toward it. Check the inside of the house to see if the water is coming down your basement walls or if puddles have formed. You should also place your hands on the walls and floor in several spots to check for dampness.

Professional Waterproofing Services

At Pittsburgh Drain Guys, we are a full-service waterproofing company in Pittsburgh, providing you with basement waterproofing services to keep your home safe and damage-free. If your new home needs waterproofed, reach out to us today to learn more!