Drainage Solutions for Wet Yards

For those of you familiar with unsightly standing water in your backyards, we are here to help! Standing water, in our climate, can be a home for mosquitos and creates havoc to your landscaping. For drainage in Pittsburgh, the crew from Pittsburgh Drain Guys has a solution for all drainage needs in the Pittsburgh area: a French drain! But what is a French drain? Is it hard to install? How does it work? Read on about French drain installation in Pittsburgh, your solution to a wet yard.


  • A French drain starts with a long narrow trough.
  • It is filled with gravel; there are many choices of which kind to use.
  • The topwater seeps down into a perforated pipe running along the bottom of the ditch,
  • The drain directs the flow of the water away from a home’s foundation to a more appropriate location for infiltration or daylighting.
  • Since a French drain is long and usually runs a long way, the water can collect at any point in the drain, making it a more efficient and unique way of fighting standing water.
  • The French drain fights standing water by creating a sunken route for the water to follow, out of the saturated soil and down a sloping path, to the desired point.



  • The heavy rains during our more temperate times of the year, or from the great spring thaw, may leave heavy flooding in your yard.
  • Damage to your outdoor patio:  a French drain can be used to divert the water away from your patio.
  • A wet or musty basement: by installing a French drain, water will be kept from affecting your home’s foundation.
  • Once installed, a French drain can be covered with topsoil, making it a welcome, pleasing solution to any space.


PITTSBURGH DRAIN GUYS can install a French drain in Pittsburgh right, the first time. The following aspects will be considered by these professionals before the installation of your French Drain.

  • slope
  • the projected depth of the drain
  • an appropriate aggregate
  • length of the drain
  • flow of the drain


You will have a water-free yard and home after you make the smart decision to install a French drain.