How a Damp Basement Affects Your Home 

Ahhhh, the smells of Autumn: pumpkin spice, apple cider, falling leaves, and a musty basement?

Wait – that’s not right!

If you noticed a musty smell coming from your downstairs, you probably have dampness in your basement. And unlike a flooded basement, where water rushes in quickly, mustiness is a sign that moisture, water or humid air have been lingering around for quite some time.

While some Pittsburgh residents may chalk this up to, “Eh, it’s just an old house”. A damp basement can create respiratory issues, damage to household items and overall structural damage to your foundation.
Basement waterproofing and interior French drains are both ways you can remedy dampness in your basement. This month, the Pittsburgh Drain Guys are sharing why taking care of any moisture issues in your home can improve your family’s quality of life.


Basements, finished and unfinished, are a prime spot for mold growth. Mold spores love dark, damp areas with poor ventilation. It also thrives on organic materials like wood, plasterboard and other materials used in basements. Mold is unsightly and can cause residents or guests to become sick. It many cases, it can also be a deal-breaker if you are trying to sell your home.

Asthma, Allergies and Other Respiratory Issues.

Mold is a huge culprit for those with respiratory issues. So are dust mites and other dampness-related allergens. Poor air quality can cause allergy flare-ups and affect those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory conditions like bronchitis, COPD, and emphysema. Basement waterproofing is a good way to combat further and unnecessary health issues.

Damage to Flooring and Personal Items.

People associate flooding when carpets and other personal items are damaged by water. However, moisture trapped in your carpet, under subfloors or in between underlayment are all cause for removal and replacement of your flooring. Walls aren’t safe either. Basement waterproofing or an interior French drain will help diminish any more damage to your floors and walls, not to mention, any photos and artwork or furniture made from wood and particle board – which will also succumb to moisture damage.

Heating and Cooling Systems Work Overtime

Anywhere the air in your home isn’t regulated, means your AC and furnace will have to work overtime. Basements that aren’t sealed properly are exposed to the outside air – cold, hot or humid. This makes it tough to regulate temperature, thus there is an increase in energy costs.

Structural Damage

Basement moisture can also affect your foundation – which is a big deal. Water seeping through the cracks can will cause deterioration. Studs, wall posts and sheetrock, as well as any finishing materials, will all take a hit if dampness and moisture aren’t controlled.
If you notice dampness, humid air, puddling water or any other sort of moisture in your basement, please consider The Pittsburgh Drain Guys’ Basement Waterproofing or Interior French Drain services.
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