How Do Sewer Line Cameras Work?

The Convenience of Technology

Interior sewage pipe issues such as cracks and blockages can cause a tremendous amount of costly damage if they aren’t diagnosed and dealt with properly. Determining the issues that are causing your sewage line problems is not easily done without the help of a sewer line camera. These devices help plumbing experts to examine the interior walls of sewage pipes and see what would otherwise be hidden from view.

A small camera is attached to the end of a flexible tube that can snake through sewage pipes and transmit location and depth data as well as video footage back to the plumbing professional, telling the operator the exact area that needs attention and repair.

Without the help of sewage cameras, sewage pros would have to dig up the entire line in order to locate the source of the problem. Cameras save both parties time and money and provide accurate, instant feedback.

What Does a Sewage Line Camera Show?

Drain Camera Inspection PittsburghLuckily, a camera of this sort can identify nearly any sewage line issue, but there are some very commonly occurring problems that it can easily detect:

Invasion of Tree Roots: Often, the main sewage line on older properties will experience tree root invasion if the piping is made of a porous material such as clay or cast iron. Roots seek out water as they grow and if they find a way into the line, they’ll grow right into it and cause major cracks and blockages.

Cracks, Breakages, and Collapsed Areas: The camera shows a clear picture of the internal status of the pipes, so cracks and broken or damaged areas are easy to detect. If the footage shows cracks or breakage, but the camera cannot continue through the rest of the pipe then this indicates a collapsed pipe.

Blockages: Sewage cameras also make blockages visible. Even if the pipe itself is fully functional, blockages caused by grease, paper, or items that aren’t meant to be flushed can be identified and remedied.

Sagging Line: If your sewer line starts to sag, then waste can’t flow through it as readily as it is supposed to. This leads to recurrent backups and blockages. A camera can identify the sagging point so that it can be fixed without destroying your entire yard.

Call Your Local Drainage Experts

If you suspect a sewage line issue is causing backups, blockages, or sewage pooling in your yard, contact Pittsburgh Drain Guys for a drain and sewage line inspection today. Our team of highly trained experts will utilize the drain camera to diagnose the problem and provide top-notch drainage solutions to our clients in the Pittsburgh area.