Prevent Flooding and Prepare Your Yard for Spring

Ahh, spring, the time of new beginnings! It is just around the corner and that means time to get working on your yard in preparation for planting and the beauty of summer. Spring brings us the perfect conditions for flooding for many homeowners as the ground thaws, the snow melts, and it seems to be always raining.  the ground The Pittsburgh Drain Guys offer you the following tips for drainage solutions in Pittsburgh, to help prevent flooding in your yard and home, and make the most of your backyard drainage.

French Drain Installation

French drain installation is the best thing one can do to prevent flooding in a yard that is prone to flooding.  A French Drain is a long trough filled with rock or gravel, stone, in which a perforated pipe is laid, that all the groundwater and rainwater will flow into and then directed out of the area. The installation is cost effective and easily done. The Pittsburgh Drain Guys have the knowledge and the crew to get this done for you quickly.

Clear the Drainage GatesDrainage Solutions near me

If your home is near one of Pittsburgh’s many drainage grates, be sure it is clear of leaves, sticks, other organic material, and trash so that the drainage from any extra water will flow into the drain and away from your yard.

Proper Leveling

This time of year can create flooding very easily and if your yard is not level or the slope is headed toward your home, the flood can go right into your basement. Leveling out your yard so the slope is away from your home is an excellent option to prevent flooding in your yard. The Pittsburgh Drain Guys can help rectify this leveling problem by working with your yard to create a more efficient slope.

Spread the Snow

In western PA, we are used to having huge piles of snow. These piles can create havoc on our yards in the spring. By spreading the snow around your yard, from the huge mountains of snow into more manageable piles, this will help the snow melt more quickly and prevent the water from taking over sections of your yard,

The best way to get your yard spring ready is to use prevention. Follow these tips in this article and call The Pittsburgh Drain Guys today for French Drain installation and any other drainage problems you may have!

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