Tips for Keeping Water out of Your Home

Drainage issues can wreak havoc to your home. With winter fast approaching, the Pittsburgh Drain Guys have a few tips to keep the water out before the cold settles in.

Water in HomeClean your gutters. Autumn leaves are lovely, but they can create a real problem when they lay to rest in your gutters! Blocked gutters create an overflow of rainwater causing the water to run down your exterior walls before it seeps into the ground at your foundation. As the leaves continue to fall, keep an eye on your gutters. If you notice a backup of debris – even particles from your shingles, – clean them out before your gutter overflow creates a wet basement.


Check your downspouts. If your gutters are clear, but you still have a water issue – be sure to check your downspouts. Downspouts should extend five feet away from your home. If your downspouts aren’t draining far enough away from the foundation, a simple solution would be to add a plastic or metal downspout extension. You could also consider an underground drainpipe system where the gutter drains the water farther away from your home.


Consider a foundation slope. The dirt located around your house is called the “crown”. The crown of dirt should slope six inches over the first 10 feet of ground that surrounds your entire home. A sloping foundation redirects rainwater away from your foundation, thus putting you less at risk of water damage. If the crown of dirt isn’t sloped or has leveled out over the years, this could be causing your basement water issues.


Seal any gaps or cracks in your basement. If you notice a few water stains along with any gaps or cracks in your basement’s foundation, we recommend sealing them with hydraulic cement or polyurethane caulk. If you think you have a larger problem, sealant is likely only a band-aid for a true water issue. While caulking can help in the meantime, call the Pittsburgh Drain Guys to determine the overall cause of your wet basement.


Waterproofing your foundation. The Pittsburgh Drain Guys can waterproof the interior or exterior of your foundation to prevent any further foundation damage due to condensation or water seepage issues. We can create an all-over barrier – both inside and out – with an all-encompassing waterproofing membrane, a method recognized by the International Building Code. Learn more about basement waterproofing here.


Pittsburgh French drains & sump pumps.

In some cases, the only fix to a serious water problem is to install a French drain. A French drain is an internal or external drainage system compiled of various underground pipes meant to divert water away from your foundation. Because these systems run off gravity, if your home is not located on or near a slope, we can install a sump pump to automatically pump the water into a dry well. Click here to learn more about Pittsburgh French drains.


If you’re searching for a drain contractor near you, search no more! The Pittsburgh Drain Guys can tackle any basement water issues you are experiencing. From Pittsburgh French drain installation to basement waterproofing – we do it all!