Ways that Winter Causes Basement Flooding

The last thing you need on top of the bitter cold and snow showers of the winter season is a leaky basement. Mopping up a leaky basement is not something you want to be doing during the winter, and you certainly don’t want to foot the bill for expensive repairs. Leaking and flooding not only happen during periods of heavy rain but rather can happen at any time.

Flooded BasementWinter is one of the most common seasons where homeowners experience basement leaks. At Pittsburgh Drain Guys, your top waterproofing company in Pittsburgh, we’ve put together some tips on how to avoid these issues for a leak-free winter.

Wrong Type of Soil Around the Home

The soil around the outside of your basement plays a major role when it comes to potential leaks. To avoid a basement leak, you need to make sure you have the right type of soil around your home. With the wrong soil type, you will experience moisture pooling that becomes trapped between your basement walls, causing leaks as well as severe damage to your home’s structure.

Heat Radiating from the Basement Melts Snow

Although it may be below freezing outside, your basement is still radiating heat and melting the ice and snow. This creates extra moisture in your home that can build-up and damage your home with issues such as mold between the soil and basement walls. This creates issues with the structures and health of your basement.

Walls or Floors Have Cracks

One of the most common ways that a basement floods is through a crack in the foundation. If you have cracks in the walls or floors of your basement, you may experience moisture accumulation, leaks, and other damage to your basement area.

Waterproofing Services in Pittsburgh

Before the winter weather has a chance to leak into your basement, be sure to contact Pittsburgh Drain Guys, your one-stop-shop for waterproofing in Pittsburgh. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who specialize in residential and basement waterproofing who can tailor waterproofing solutions to keep your basement dry.

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