What is Dye Testing?

Dye testing is required in Pittsburgh when you are preparing to sell your home. This is because, within the city of Pittsburgh, homes can be connected to one of two different sewer systems, the sanitary and the combined sewer.

Dye Test PittsburghWhat is the Difference Between a Sanitary Sewer and a Combined Sewer?

The sanitary sewers accept wastewater from your home drain, but not rainwater from storms. A sanitary sewer can easily overflow due to water runoff from sprinklers and sudden floods of rainwater. On the other hand, combined sewers accept both wastewaters from homes as well as water from lawn drains and other types of runoff.

What Does a Dye Test Do?

A plumber performs dye testing to determine whether your home’s yard drain is connected only to the sanitary sewer. The test is completed by placing a dye tablet inside the outdoor drain. The drain is then flushed with water, and if the dye is found in the sanitary drain, the property fails the test.

Dye Testing Before Selling Your Home

Before a home can be sold, the homeowner is required to present a certification that provides that their home is properly connected to the sewer. If your property fails the dye test, you will need to have your home drainage system repaired before you can sell your home.

How do I Get the Certification?

If you wish to sell your Pittsburgh property, you will need to contact the Pittsburgh Sewer and Water Authority to obtain the Evidence of Compliance Certificate. They will determine whether your property is connected to a combined sewer or a sanitary sewer.
If your home is connected to a sanitary sewer, you will be required to contact a plumber, such as Pittsburgh Drain Guys, to perform the dye test. If your property passes the dye test, you will receive your Evidence of Compliance Certificate and will be able to move forward in selling the property.
In some cases, homeowners will use various methods to try to cheat the dye test, such as pouring bleach into the sewer. This will not cheat the test and may end up backfiring on you, so it crucial to allow the test to be done correctly.

What if I Fail the Dye Test?

If your property fails dye testing, Pittsburgh Frain Guys can help! We can make all necessary repairs to your home’s drainage system to ensure your system is properly connected to the sewer. We can perform your dye test, and if you fail, we are here to bring your sewer up to compliance so you can sell your home. Contact us today to learn more!