My Downspouts are Causing Flooding

Your gutters are connected to downspouts which help direct the rainwater from your roof, down the exterior of your home, and to the ground. Our downspouts either drain the water into pipes that then take the water to a sewer system, or they could be disconnected, which is a way to keep water from backing up into the basement or the streets.

If you have noticed flooding caused by your downspouts, it is important to inspect your downspouts to determine whether they are damaged and where they are discharging the water. Consider the following:

Wet Yards PittsburghAre your downspouts secured to the house?

Check around your home where your downspouts are located to ensure they are connected to the house. In some cases, high winds can loosen your downspouts or break them. When they are not correctly secured to the home, they can cause damage to your roof and your gutters. This disconnect can also cause water to discharge right next to your home’s foundation.

Where is the water discharging?

Once you have assessed the damage of your downspout, you want to then determine where the water is being discharged. Water discharging right next to your home’s foundation can cause the water to see into the foundation and flood your basement. If you find that the downspout is discharging next to the foundation, you can attach a plastic extension to help direct the water away from your foundation. You should ensure the water is discharging at least ten feet away from the foundation.

Do you have splash guards at the discharge point?

Once you have put your downspout extension in place, it is recommended that you also place a splash guard at the end of the extension. This will help prevent the soil at the discharge point from eroding. Make sure your discharge point is located either in your front or backyard. Keep in mind; your disconnected downspouts must drain onto your property and cannot drain onto a sidewalk or create hazardous conditions for the properties next door.

Downspout Extension Installation Services in Pittsburgh

If you need a downspout extension installation, Pittsburgh Drain Guys can help! If you’re dealing with issues such as pooling water, foundation cracks, and other drainage issues, we have the tools and experience needed to resolve your drainage issues efficiently and effectively.