Repairing a Retaining Wall

With nearly three months of solid rain, many agree this is the soggiest summer Western Pennsylvania has seen in years! For most, rain is just a threat to our outdoor plans. It’s a menace to pool-goers, the biggest opponent on the baseball field, and a rival of kids at the playground. But for some who have retaining walls as a part of their landscape, the rain is putting a much bigger damper on their day than a rain-delay at the local ballfield!

A retaining wall can start to tilt or buckle if the soil it supports becomes overly saturated with water. Because of the force behind the shifting soil, the wall will slowly weaken. Some walls are built for decorative purposes, while others support foundations, patios and driveways. So, what do you do if your retaining wall isn’t exactly retaining anymore?

Here is a brief rundown of how the landscape professionals of The Pittsburgh Drains Guys repair retaining walls.

Helical Anchors a.k.a. The Nuts and Bolts
Most home and business owners fear the cost of having to totally teardown and rebuild a retaining wall, but many have never heard of the safe and affordable helical anchor method.

Helical anchors are nothing more than big giant screws connected to huge bolts buried deep into a hillside. Helix-shaped blades are used to cut into the face of an existing retaining wall, burrowing its way through the wall and continuing into the hillside until it threads into a huge nut. The screws then serve as anchors, securing your retaining wall to the soil its helping support. In some instances, it’s advised to add a French drain to take all measures necessary to stop the ground rom shifting again.

While a retaining wall is no small feat, it’s not something you want to avoid! Call The Pittsburgh Drain Guys for a FREE ESTIMATE on installing helical anchors or repairing your collapsing retaining wall today. Call (412) 377-9133 and ask to speak to Mike today!